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SEAT - The People's Car

Posted on July 26 2012 in seat, leon, ibiza, mii, car, cars, pictures

For over 60 years, SEAT have been giving people the joy of driving. New or used cars, SEATs are much loved as you can see.

What about the new city car on the block, the SEAT Mii? Small, agile, fun to drive; it's the perfect everyday car to get around in. Watch the reviews for the new SEAT Mii and find out more about the excellent technology it packs such as rear parking sensors. What about this funky design? 10 year old Harvey could be a future SEAT designer. You heard it hear first!

The SEAT Ibiza is the most popular car in SEATs range and has been a favourite for many years. Recently, it's taken an edge both literally and figuratively. The sleek design means it looks fast even when stationary like so!

Even the older generations still look modern; a timeless classic.

Great to drive, people love to take road trips and have been to some very pretty places.

The SEAT Leon is equally loved. Think of it like the Ibizas bigger brother. It looks great after a buff. You could use it to check your hair its that shiny!

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