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Emergency Fundraising for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Posted on January 22 2013 in drc, democratic republic of congo, crisis, emergency fundraising, fundraising

The continuing turmoil in the Democratic Republic of Congo is bringing misery to millions in the region. Aid agencies desperately need funds to react to this situation so why not do your bit with some emergency fundraising? Here’s a quick guide to how you can help.

The crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a humanitarian disaster on a dizzying scale. Charities like Oxfam are responding to the situation as quickly as they can but they need your help. Emergency fundraising can be an effective way to help support them in their life-saving work.

Get an idea

Charity bake sales, sponsored walks, parachute jumps... they’re all great ways to raise money for charity. But why not push the boat out with a slightly more unusual and attention-grabbing event:

  • Sit in it: Jumping in a tub for charity doesn’t sound like much of a challenge but that all depends what’s in the tub with you! Custard, beans, tomato sauce or cornflakes could all make your bathe a bit more interesting for potential donors.

  • Pick up a brush: 6-year-old schoolboy Jack Henderson started doing drawings to order to raise money for a local Sick Kids hospital and made tens of thousands for his efforts. Why not grab an easel and start doing portraits of your friends/workmates in return for donations?

  • Go in for the long haul: The John O’Groats to Lands End route is a well-worn fundraising path but why not mix things up by doing a shorter course in a more interesting way. Do a sponsored somersault around a local park or a 10K race backwards.



Get organised

So you’ve got a great idea and you want to put it into action. Linking up with a charity is a brilliant way of putting your plans into practice. Oxfam offers a downloadable pack that can help you on your way, providing some really useful resources for your event. When you’ve got the material think about ways that you can spread the word. Social media sites are a great way to generate some interest amongst your friends so why not set up a Facebook page of get tweeting to create a bit of buzz ahead of the event?

Get active!

By organising emergency fundraising for the people of the DRC, you’re helping with a really serious cause - but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun. Bringing energy and enthusiasm to the event will help you to raise money that will provide vital relief for those who need it most.

Find out how to fundraise using social media while this map shows seven emergency crises that could use your help.

What are your plans to raise money for the DRC crisis?

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