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Travelling like a VIP

Posted on October 16 2012 in private jet, travel, society, health insurance, business trip, private jet, planning, organizing

If your name is not on the list you aren't coming in!

If your name is not on the list you aren't coming in!

Travelling like a VIP

When going from A to B either for holidays or company meetings, it is always a good feeling when all goes well and when the customer service received is second-to-none.

Travellers are demanding. Paying a premium to be treated like a VIP is acceptable as long as the service is proportional. However and sadly, some passengers always believe to be worth more than others and despite of being pampered and having a sterling service, they are asking for more free this and that, when everything is already included.

The sad part of the story is that people can be awful during their holidays to the helpful staff simply because the package they signed for stated "VIP treatment".

But what does VIP actually mean and cover?

Usually it is all about having a tailored service according to what you pay. So, it could include a chauffeur driven limousine at your arrival from the airport to the hotel, a welcome flute of champagne when check-in, free Wi-Fi or even free gym and sauna during your stay. Basically, services you wouldn't get if you went to a very traditonal and remote B&B or guest house.

But so many times, holidaymakers go over the limit. And it happened regularly that there is a fight because people want to feel more important and usually alcohol is involved and accident can be very serious.

Before going away with your colleagues, families and/or friends make sure that you have or your employer has signed a business health insurance policy.

An accident occurs rapidly and if going abroad, the rapatriation is important for your safety and welfare too. It is always worth to sign for an insurance covering your own person and your life, whether it is a Very Important or Very Ordinary Person's vacation.

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