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Family Ideas For Halloween

Posted on October 24 2012 in halloween, ideas, family, costumes, food, games

Just like Christmas, Halloween is a holiday all kids look forward to. It’s a fantastic chance to be creative, play games and of course, dress up! Here are our favourite ideas to get the whole family involved.


Trick-or-treating is a must on Halloween – no matter what age you are. Dressing up is half the fun. While you could rent a costume for the night, why not create your own? It could be characters from your kids favourite TV show, movie or game.

Everyone loves the characters from Star Wars for example. If asked for a trick, perhaps you could stage a performance with lightsabers! The Incredibles have become a recent favourite. With all of the walking you’ll do, make sure you wear soft ankle boots. Or what about Angry Birds! The possibilities are endless.


It’s not only you that can dress up you know; why not make your house appear haunted! You can make all kinds of things hang from your windows and porch like witches and ghosts made from paper. You can literally make anything Halloween themed using household items while recycling them in the process. And who can forget a pumpkin too! Why not let your kids design the scary face? Or you could simply make them from flowerpots.




There’s more to Halloween games than bobbing for apples you know. Piñatas are not only great fun to play with, but also to make. You can create anything you like out of paper mache. What about a giant bat? Or maybe a black cat? Or even the head of Frankenstein! Here are some alternative Halloween games you could play.




Making Halloween themed food is a great way to get kids involved and allow them to be creative. What about these Eerie eyeball pops, these delicious squeamish squares or these spooky malloween ghosts! For something quick and easy, you could take premade gingerbread men and design then with icing!


Are your kids great at writing stories? Why not have them write a spooky tale? Or better yet, make it into a play! Maybe you could read a scary story from a book? Or you could watch lots of kids Halloween movies like Casper.

How will you get the family involved this Halloween? Tell me in the comments section below.

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