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Cycling Deaths Could Exceed Last Year

Posted on September 24 2012 in cycling, deaths, injury, safety, tips

The number of cyclists on British roads has continued to increase in recent years; but some believe the number of cyclists killed will exceed last year’s total. Simply put, cycle accidents are becoming all too common these days.

Society has become ever more increasingly conscious of the environment and also keeping fit. This together with the recent cycling coverage making the headlines are just some of the reasons why there are now more cyclists battling it out on the roads with vehicles.

But the rise in cyclists has campaigners worried about the numbers of deaths rising. September alone has seen 13 deaths, bring the total up to 87 known deaths for the year. According to a report by the European Transport Safety Council, Britain has the fifth worst record for reducing cycling accident deaths out of 25 countries.

With the rising number of cyclists on the roads, shouldn’t there be more done to protect the safety of cyclists? Shouldn’t the Government and councils be looking into creating more cycle lanes? Driving lessons should encompass sharing the roads with cyclists to better educate those behind the wheel.

Cyclists too should learn more about protecting themselves when on the roads in rush hour traffic for example. There is always the debate as to whether cyclists should be made to wear helmets. Brain injuries can be fatal.

Here are some helpful tips on staying safe on the road.

Image URL http://www.flickr.com/photos/thelebers/6455506923/

Image URL http://www.flickr.com/photos/thelebers/6455506923/

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